Cross phase – Kickstart Scheme

HEP is a Kickstart Gateway organisation that has successfully applied for funding through the Kickstart Scheme to represent HEP schools.

The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to create new job placements for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit who are at risk of long term unemployment.

HEP has secured 176 roles across 36 schools.

HEP is the central point of contact for all matters relating to the Kickstart scheme including  communication with the DWP and the employability programme partners. Each school will be allocated a Kickstart project manager to support the employees success in the role, additional  training support and their future employability. 

For more information follow this link or contact your project manager:

Kickstart project manager - Nikola Standing

Kickstart project manager - Emma Pett

HEP Partnership Director - Cormac Bourne


What our members say

Get Hounslow Reading – “Excellent session, Charlotte has extensive knowledge and understanding and I am really looking forward to being involved in the project.”

Secondary Subject Networks – “I’ve really appreciated sharing practice, discussing challenges with colleagues and having a sense of being part of a wider team for small departments.”

Primary Subject Leader Networks – “I really like the idea of subject specialists leading subject leader meetings.”

SEND Training – “There was plenty of time for discussion which was valuable. Strategies to help support, and ideas to consider, if children have been impacted by Domestic Abuse allowed me to think about the issues more than before."

Deep Dive Subject Leader Training – “Thank you for the very detailed and thorough subject leader checklist. It is an extremely useful and much necessary exercise. It's been an eye opener. Thank you”

Develop your A Level Teaching – “Really interesting to hear what other schools are thinking of doing by way of a recovery curriculum when we return. I think the discussions around wellbeing were very pertinent.”

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The success of the Hounslow Education Partnership depends, in part, on good communication so please do get in touch to give us your feedback or about anything else you would like to discuss.


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