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Cormac Bourne

Partnership Director

Cormac is HEP's Partnership Director with over 25 years experience working in media including the launch of Haymarket Media Group's content marketing agency - Haymarket Network. An experienced senior executive,...
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Emma Pett

Project Manager

Emma joined HEP as a project manager in April 2019 with over 10 years teaching experience. She trained as a Chemistry teacher through Teach First and has led highly successful...
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Kathryn Harper-Quinn

Headteacher Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery

Kathryn Harper-Quinn has been Headteacher at Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School in the London Borough of Hounslow since 1998. Prior to this, she worked in a range of schools...
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Sally Yarrow

CEO & Executive Headteacher Green School Trust

Sally Yarrow was appointed as Headteacher of The Green School for Girls in January 2015 before taking up her current role as CEO and  Executive Headteacher of The Green School...
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Eileen Sheedy

Headteacher Isleworth Town Primary

Eileen Sheedy has been the Headteacher of Isleworth Town Primary School for 14 years. She was previously its deputy for four years. As a Peer Challenge Lead Headteacher and a...
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Ed Vainker (Chair)

CEO – The Reach Foundation

Ed Vainker became a HEP Director in July 2018. He is the CEO of the Reach Foundation. He was the co-founder and Principal of Reach Academy Feltham, an all-through Free...
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Clare Longhurst

Headteacher, Lindon Bennett

Clare Longhurst has been the Headteacher of Lindon Bennett School since September 2013. She has been a member of the HEP board since its launch in September 2018 and is...
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Helen Willis

Headteacher, Fairholme Primary

Helen Willis has been the Headteacher of Fairholme Primary School since October 2013, having started there as a classroom teacher in September 2000. She has been a member of the...
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Madeleine Storr

Madeleine Storr is the regional vice president at Salesforce. She joined HEP in November 2019 as a non-executive director, bringing with her a wealth of experience in sales and marketing....
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Prit Hanspal

Prit Hanspal is Head of Risk Governance at AXA Partners. He joined HEP in December 2019 as non-executive director, bringing with him a wealth of experience in finance and risk...
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Nikola Standing

Communications Manager

Nikola joins HEP as the communications manager with over 25 years teaching experience in primary education. As an outstanding practitioner and senior teacher, she has led on pedagogy, curriculum development ...
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Stephen Davis

Headteacher Lampton School

Stephen has been Headteacher at Lampton School since 2015. He has worked in Hounslow since 2002 - initially in an advisory role with the Local Authority, joining the SLT at...
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What our members say

Contingent Talk with Books – "Really really enjoying this training, I feel it's a lovely way to up-skill our EYPs. Such a worthwhile project for Early Years, which you can see working right in front of your eyes."

Get Hounslow Reading – "Great 'inspiring' course which presents plenty of opportunity for communication and collaboration. Also a good mixture of theory and practical ideas. Many thanks."

Secondary Subject Networks – "Effective agendas, excellent external speakers organised that we wouldn't usually have time to arrange to meet to help generate new ideas for trips, extracurricular activities and lessons."

Get Hounslow Reading – “Feel very inspired and not under pressure to do this. I want to do this. I can see that it is child-centred, but that I also love it!”

Secondary Subject Networks – “As I am very new to my role as EAL Lead, and I am at a new school, the Subject Networks have been crucial in helping me to learn more from experienced members of staff. The Google Drive with shared EAL resources has been incredibly helpful for starting EAL interventions across the school.”

Get Hounslow Reading – "Very informative and helpful. A lovely chance to reflect. Excellent, enthusiastic delivery which would inspire anyone! You are very knowledgeable and sessions are well-organised. Thank you!”

SEND Training – “There was plenty of time for discussion which was valuable. Strategies to help support, and ideas to consider, if children have been impacted by Domestic Abuse allowed me to think about the issues more than before."

Deep Dive Subject Leader Training – “Thank you for the very detailed and thorough subject leader checklist. It is an extremely useful and much necessary exercise. It's been an eye opener. Thank you”

Develop your A Level Teaching – “Really interesting to hear what other schools are thinking of doing by way of a recovery curriculum when we return. I think the discussions around wellbeing were very pertinent.”

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The success of the Hounslow Education Partnership depends, in part, on good communication so please do get in touch to give us your feedback or about anything else you would like to discuss.

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