As members of HEP, schools will have a local strategic voice and forum, which will promote a shared direction and coherence across Hounslow, supporting schools to maintain high standards through provision of a range of agreed services.

Members of HEP will have:

  • Access to regular HEP networking meetings appropriate to phase and area
  • Ability to drive the development of new services to meet the needs of schools for the future
  • Voting rights to appoint the HEP Board Directors
  • Discounted rates for HEP approved services

Ranging from providing phase specific services e.g. peer review programmes, access to a formal organisation able to commission services on behalf of schools and ensuring best value, lean and efficient use of stretched resources as well as access to affordable training and development opportunities. HEP will share expertise and best practice for collaborative CPD, create a structure of local led mutual support by using the skills and expertise across the partnership to support all of the schools’ to improve teaching and learning.

In addition, schools will be able to purchase from HEP, elements of the service appropriate to their own school’s needs. The current offer includes:

1. School-Led Improvement: Primary and Special Schools

  • Peer Challenge Programme - Developed and owned by HEP member schools to drive improvement in the quality of education for Hounslow children and young people
  • Identified Joint Practice Development – School based, self-supporting research and development programmes as identified through Peer Challenge aimed at improving outcomes in areas of need

2. School-Led Improvement: Secondary

  • Senior Leaders Teaching and Learning - Providing strategic leadership and a forum for addressing needs that cover a spectrum of learners and learning provision across the HEP membership
  • Subject Networks - Established to assist the development of subject teaching for HEP members, supporting the CPD of middle leaders and to facilitate sharing and development of good practice across the membership
  • Departmental Peer Reviews - A collaborative process focused on middle leadership to identify strategies to raise academic standards and build capacity

3. Support for Vulnerable Pupils: All Schools

  • Managed Transfers - Members of HEP have establish a protocol designed to secure a conflict-free transfer of pupils for whom permanent exclusion would be otherwise necessary
  • Fair Access - A principle applied to any pupil of compulsory school age, where there is difficulty securing a place through the standard admissions procedures