Year 6 Transition – Data Collection for Hounslow Secondary Schools

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Year 6 Transition – Data Collection for Hounslow Secondary Schools

Published: Sunday, May 3rd, 2020 at 2:09 PM

Dear Primary Headteacher,

Year 6 Transition – Data Collection for Hounslow Secondary Schools

Following requests from primary colleagues, secondary Headteachers have confirmed the use of one agreed form for the collection of transition data from Hounslow Primary Schools.

Secondary Transfer Data Template - Final

Secondary Contacts for Primary Transition Data

This form has been produced using secondary school samples and drafts have been discussed and checked with Eileen Sheedy and John Norton on your behalf. The aim is to ensure that:

(i)               secondary colleagues get the information that might normally be received through individual school’s data collections, school visits and telephone calls, and

(ii)             to lessen the administrative burden of multiple requests for primary colleagues.

The data required for this collection should not duplicate the information that will be transferred on the Common Transfer File (CTF).

Secondary colleagues are clear that no further requests for information will be made, although should you request a follow-up regarding a particular student, this can be noted on the form.

I would also suggest that you utilise this form for data transfer for other schools outside Hounslow and again not entertain multiple data requests. Hounslow secondary schools will be using the form for out-of-borough schools as well.

Populating the Form

The form is in a .xlsm format and needs to remain so for the drop-down menus to work. Please do not save in a different format.

When opening the document, there may be a security warning (not an issue) and it will ask if you wish to enable content. Say ‘yes’ to this request to enable the macros which allow the drop-downs to work.

The form is split into different sections and some columns have drop-downs, others boxes are for comments.

For the Ability Levels section please note that this should be “on track” for the end of Year 6, rather than current levels or levels prior to school closure.

Transferring Information

All primary and secondary schools will have a copy of this form.

If primary colleagues could populate this for their cohorts, extract the relevant students for each secondary school and send a password protected file via email or other protected transfer to the relevant secondary school.


If all colleagues could keep a record of any improvements that might be useful for future use, please do so and feedback via Cormac Bourne at HEP.

Best wishes and thanks,

Euan Ferguson (Chair of Secondary Partnership)

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