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Future Life – Year 6 Met Police programme

Published: Friday, March 6th, 2020 at 2:42 PM

Year 6 vulnerable transitioning to secondary school

Dont miss out! This free programme will commence in the Autumn term 2020, so if you would like the programme in your school then please register your interest below. The programme will provide:
  • Year 6 cohort are shown 20 minute film depicting young boy being groomed and coerced into gang crime and serious violence
  • Group discussion around film
  • Cohort divided into forms with each form having 45 minutes input from Police Officer in uniform on violent and serious crime, including: Knife crime, Child sexual exploitation, Child criminal exploitation, Drugs and Gangs
  • 5 litre container of fake blood used to depict human blood content and how quickly death occurs in critical stabbings.

Register here

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