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Welcome to the HEP Deep Dive homepage. Below you will find four print resources and three recorded presentations.

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"The education inspection framework (‘the framework’) sets out how Ofsted inspects maintained schools, academies, non-association independent schools, further education and skills provision and registered early years settings in England.

The framework has been devised by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector for use from September 2019. It sets out the principles that apply to inspection, and the main judgements that inspectors make when carrying out inspections of maintained schools, academies, non-association independent schools, further education and skills providers and registered early years settings in England."

Ofsted Education Inspection Framework, September 2019

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Education Inspection Framework

Ofsted and Curriculum Review April 2021

Ofsted has published the second in a series of reviews into different subjects across the curriculum.

Ofsted says - ‘This is only the start of our work in this area, though. As a force for improvement, we will be publishing a series of documents from April 2021, including:
Research reviews – these will collate currently available research evidence. We will consider what published research evidence tells us about a high-quality education in each subject
Subject reports – we will inform leaders, teachers and tutors, parents and policymakers about what we have learned about the state of the nation when it comes to the quality of school curriculum in a range of subjects
To carry out this work and lead on our curriculum thinking in schools, we have set up a curriculum unit. We have been recruiting subject leads for a range of subjects, starting with national curriculum subjects and religious education. These subject experts will be leading this work, along with our research team.’

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Curriculum Research Reviews

So far, Languages, Maths, Geography, RE, Science and Music have been reviewed. Click on those subjects in the primary curriculum menu to read the reviews.

HEP will upload links to each subject as  further reports are published.

Resource 1 Ofsted and the subject leader: is an overview of where the role of the subject leader is referred to in the Ofsted Inspection Handbook.

Resource 2 Preparing for subject Deep Dive: this provides an overview of how Ofsted will inspect the Quality of Education within a school and the role that subject deep-dives will contribute to this.

Resource 3 Deep dive in a foundation subject: covers a range of questions that a subject leader ‘could’ be expected to respond to.

Resource 4 Subject leader checklist: is an audit tool to enable a subject leader to ensure that they keep ‘on top’ of the leadership of their subject(s). It also includes a suggested annual monitoring and review timetable. 

The three recorded presentations relate to each of the three online training sessions that were delivered during the spring term 2021.

They are intended as a reminder for anyone who took part in the spring term sessions. They also offer an explanation of the four print resources for any teacher or school leader who is new to this programme

Here you can access subject-specific deep dive resources as part of the summer term series.

Art & Design
Design & Technology

If you have used or know of any good resources to share with other subject leaders or teachers in Hounslow, please email them to Nikola Standing –

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Primary Subject Leader Networks – “I really like the idea of subject specialists leading subject leader meetings.”

SEND Training – “There was plenty of time for discussion which was valuable. Strategies to help support, and ideas to consider, if children have been impacted by Domestic Abuse allowed me to think about the issues more than before."

Deep Dive Subject Leader Training – “Thank you for the very detailed and thorough subject leader checklist. It is an extremely useful and much necessary exercise. It's been an eye opener. Thank you”

Develop your A Level Teaching – “Really interesting to hear what other schools are thinking of doing by way of a recovery curriculum when we return. I think the discussions around wellbeing were very pertinent.”

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